The Impact of the Delburne Medical Centre.

Village of Delburne Mayor Bill Chandler

Village of Delburne Mayor Bill Chandler

Q & A with Mayor Bill Chandler

Interview with Village of Delburne Mayor Bill Chandler

Q: How important is this Medical Centre for Delburne?

Mayor:When Talking with residents they said it was 150% important, they only see it as positive, I have had people from other villages or other smalls towns say “way to go, you’ve done something right” I am certainly not taking credit for it, it was Dr. Kauchali who came to see us we just helped the procedure.  As the village we got people involved, we were very interested in his ideas. we just said "what do you need"? 

Q: What will others see when they come to Delbourne?

Mayor:  They are going to see that we have a vibrant community….. if you pursue something it is possible.

Q: How do you feel about the other Doctors, the Services and the Pharmacy at the Medical Centre?

Mayor:  Having a doctor and a pharmacist together is wonderful.  To me the doctor and the pharmacy go hand in hand, it beats having to go to Red Deer.  Now you can walk out of one door to the pharmacist and go home.

Q: How far did have you had to go for the nearest doctor?

Mayor: 45 minutes either way you slice it. 

Q: How much benefit will there be for Delburne and their Seniors?  

Mayor:  A big benefit is seniors don’t have to drain family members to drive them here or there.  It will be a lot of pressure off their immediate family from hauling them around.  The project is something in our wildest dreams we never thought possible but it has come to fruition.  Finally it is not just a pipe dream, reality has hit the ground.  It shows you what working with one another and networking can do, it comes together.  It is just a wonderful day for Delburne!