Fall Construction Update

Delburne Medical Clinic Fall 2018

Delburne Medical Clinic Fall 2018

The Delburne Medical Centre has now completed the majority of the exterior work. Although we have had unusual Fall weather, crews were able to finish the exterior stucco, stone and landscaping in October. There are a few areas with siding still remaining to be placed however the exterior of the building is finally taking shape. The work is now full speed ahead on the interior fit out, including drywall, electrical, and finishes. We are eager to open in January 2019 with full patient services.

One key area has been finalizing the details of the design of the patient spaces and medical equipment. The Delburne Medical Centre will incorporate some of the latest research findings in patient-centred health care design. This means that the focus of the design is on the patient's and the patient’s family’s experience in the clinic spaces and will encourage effective communication between the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The centre will also take advantage of the latest medical technology for both equipment and electronic medical records.    

The new medical centre building has a number of notable energy efficient design features. Spray foam, batt and rigid foam insulation installed in the building exceed the latest building code requirements. Modern roof top mechanical units with heat recovery functions ensure the energy needed for heating and cooling is used as efficiently as possible. LED lighting will be used exclusively throughout the building and photovoltaic solar panels are being installed on the roof. Altogether, the medical centre will be an example of a sustainable, low-impact, cost-effective facility operating in the community for generations to come.

The Delburne Medical Centre will have two main areas that access from the Main Street entrance. On the corner of the property, right next to the clinic will be a dedicated pharmacy space. Having a pharmacy on-site will provide a convenient option for residents who are looking to filling prescriptions as well as the opportunity for additional pharmacy services. There will be a dedicated private consultation space where pharmacists can meet with patients to review medications and ensure they are being taken properly. Additional retail space is planned to offer over-the-counter medications, medical supplies, health supplements and more. The goal is that the Delburne Medical Centre will be your one-stop-shop for total health and wellness.

daniel campbell