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Our Practice

Delburne Medical Clinic

The Delburne Medical Clinic is a family medical clinic that fills in an important gap in Health Care service provision in Central Alberta.  This is part of an integrated health centre development in Delburne, Alberta which is supported by the Village of Delburne and Red Deer County.  The Centre's medical director, Dr. Muti Kauchali founded the centre to provide essential Primary Care to a currently underserved market in rural Alberta.  Dr. Kauchali has an unwavering commitment to provide family oriented medical services that are caring and convenient; a true "medical home."

Our Approach

What is a Medical Home?

According to the Alberta Medical Association, a patient’s medical home (PMH) is the place they feel most comfortable to discuss their personal and family health concerns. The goal is to have the patient’s family physician, the most responsible provider of their medical care, work collaboratively with a team of health professionals, which may include nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and others as required, to coordinate comprehensive healthcare services and ensure continuity of patient care. This approach enables the best possible outcomes for each person, the practice population and the community being served.

Our Difference

What makes the Medical Home approach different?

We believe that every person should have a personal family physician with whom they can trust, to play a keyrole in coordinating their care

We practice a team approach cohesive and that value continuous relationships with patients that offer a broad scope of services carried out by the teams or a network of providers

We provide timely access to health care in and advocate for coordinated appointments

We are committed to a comprehensive range of services to meet the health needs of the patients and the population being served

We aim for continuity of medical setting, information, and relationships for patients in various settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and the patient's residence